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  • Blood Orange Cordial captures the full flavor spectrum of ripe California blood oranges. We marry fresh blood orange juice with the fruit’s cold-pressed peel oils and natural acids. The resulting tart, juicy flavor is punchy and complex - just like the blood orange itself. Pair with Old Scout.

  • Pineapple Gum Syrup is ready to take your tiki cocktails to new heights. We really let the fresh fruit do the talking here: fully 60% of the syrup is the juice from ripe, cold-pressed pineapples. All-natural gum arabic gives the syrup a unique richness and viscosity. Pair with Revelation Rum.

  • This Fiery Ginger Syrup starts with whole ginger root, juiced fresh to capture the best possible flavor. Pure cane sugar balances the heat to create a bright and full-flavored syrup with a silky texture. This syrup's fiery flavor lends the perfect burn needed to enhance a wide variety of classic and novel cocktails. Top with club soda for a superior ginger beer. Pair with Contradition Bourbon.